About Atomsplit

This is the story of an indie rock band out there making music for music’s sake. They’ve been paying their dues for years always hoping their big break was just around the corner. They always thought it would come in the form of a big swanky record deal.  If they could just hang on a little longer they’d be discovered. 

Well they were discovered. But not by any cheesy A&R record label exec or millionaire investor.Their big break has found them in the person of the faded rock legend Bobby Vandertramp.  After years of traveling the globe and mastering the art of musical kung fu he’s finally found the band he’s been searching for. A band of talented open minded musicians whom he can teach his lost art to. Whom he can train and teach to spread the word of musical truth to the world. 
This is their story…. 

—–The 12 Issue Webisode  begins in Summer 2008. 

Meanwhile visit this blog to watch the production come together.  


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