July 10, 2009

If you’re stumbling across this page for the first time you’re probably wondering what is Atomsplit all about. Well, Atomsplit is a cartoon, comic strip, game, and general multimedia story about an indie rock band who comes into contact with and old school rocker named Bobby Vandertramp who trains the young indie rockers to create and control the Divine Sound, a sound so strong and powerful it can do anything. However, there are some folks who don’t want Atomsplit to have access to such a powerful sound, namely, the recording corporation and they’re representative Mr. Peevil. It’s up to Atomsplit to perfect the Divine Sound and share it with the world while at the same time staying one step ahead of the music companies and Mr. Peevil. Atomsplit, the game, the animation, and the comics in production now and I hope all you future Atomsplitters will enjoy it when it launches.


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