Maxim Pt. 2

July 8, 2009

So I started getting Maxim in the mail and I got three in a row. Everybody knows what Maxim’s all about so I won’t get into any of that and anything you can get in Maxim you can get on the internet. But then I noticed Maxim had a lot of articles about the internet like a good one on pranking and stuff like that. Then I saw the awesomest article ever about The Year Of Led Zeppelin! The Year of Led Zeppelin is a blog where the author spent a year listening to Led Zeppelin live shows and stuff he found on the internet, aggregating them, and finally listing the fifty best ones around. If you think about it that’s really epic! I never thought about looking for that stuff before on the internet either. Every time I go into my local Subway the lady up there ribs me for wearing my Zep shirt. She’s all like you’re too young to wear that shirt. Then she’s like I saw them you know, in ’77 and I was like dang I was born in ’77 and I always thought how great it would have been to see them at the Omni in ’77. Well, Zep’s not around anymore really, the Omni is torn down, and it’s physically impossible to see them in in “77 at the Omni, but through the magic of the interwebs I can actually hear it if I wanted to!!!



  1. I’ll check that out, thanks for posting the info about Maxim. Led Zeppelin has something for most everyone, and I particularly like the history of the band. My blog has some info on it I got from the various books out there, it’s fortunesicons.com/blog

    Anyone who wants a nice gift for a Zep fan go to fortunesicons.com and browse the selection on the left to find some great pictures.

    • Thank you Brooke. Your Blog is awesome!!! I already subscribed to it in Google Reader! I never knew all that about Stairway To Heaven although I did know 4 was the best Zep ever!

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