Axmen Again

June 24, 2009

This years Axmen was even better than last years. I wonder what happened to Stump Branch. I guess they didn’t want to be on the show this year and neither did Gufstason, but it dosen’t look like they’ve gone out of business since they both have sites up and running on the interwebs. So who came back? Phil came back they were pretty good there was a lot of in crew fighting, but I think they did OK and stayed in business another year. Dwayne is one of my favorites on that show. Browning was as great as ever, but they were beatenthis year in load counts by Rygaard Logging. Rygaard was interesting because they were way smaller than Browning kind of like Stump Branch, but they just did beat Browning in the loads. They had a new guy working on their crew who they seemed to push really hard so he ended up quitting. Then they got a new guy who they didn’t seem to push so hard and he ended up staying. Maybe they didn’t push him as much because he was better at logging. Nevertheless they were this years winners. Then there was R&R Conner aviation. It was awesome to see how they attached trees to a helicopter and flew them out of the forest and onto the landing. They had some personnel problems to and had to let a pilot go, but they got another one and ended up doing OK. Then there was S&S Aqua Logging. The owner of  S&S would yell and curse about everything even if you were doing a good job he would yell and curse at you about what a good job you were doing. I don’t think i could work for a guy like that. What’s interesting though is that they would dive for logs in the river called dead heads. The logs would have been sitting in the river for years so they’d be naturally cured. They’d take the logs and make custom furniture out of them and sell them for a heap of money. So all in all it was a better season this year than last year with a lot of different types of logging. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to have next year.


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