Slammiversary Predictions

June 19, 2009

Another month, another round of TNA Predictions. Here we go.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship – “King of the Mountain” – Mick Foley VS. Jeff Jarrett VS. AJ Styles VS. Samoa Joe VS. Kurt Angle. I think Foley will retain.

TNA X Division Championship – “King of the Mountain” – Suicide
VS. Jay Lethal VS.Consequences Creed VS. Alex Shelley VS. Chris Sabin. Suicide will probably retain, but I hope it’s one of the Machineguns!

TNA World Tag Team Championships Match – Team 3D
VS. Beer Money, Inc. Beer Money Inc. Although, I hope 3D retains.

If Morgan wins, he joins the Main Event Mafia – Sting
VS. Matt Morgan. Morgan because he needs to be a part of something. He’s no good as a lone wolf.

Daniels puts up his roster spot in TNA – Daniels
VS. Shane Douglas. This really dosen’t matter. I’m pretty sure Daniels will win, but I think they’ll both stay in TNA

TNA Knockouts Championship Match – Angelina Love
VS. Tara. Angelina Love will retain.

Monster’s Ball Match – Abyss & Taylor Wilde
VS. Raven & Daffney. I’m going with Abyss & Taylor Wilde, even though I really would like Raven and Daffney to win.

Pre-show: Eric Young & Rhino
VS. The British Invasion. EY and Rhino.
OK, let’s see how it goes on Monday.


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