June 16, 2009

So yesterday I said I was going to combine talking about this show with Fringe, but I decided it was too good to not have it’s own entry. When I first saw Dollhouse I thought it was a fantastic disaster. I was expecting some sort of like super spy group that tears things up, eventually I got that and much more. You have to put in a little effort for this show unlike all of the other awesome Joss Whedon shows out there. I knew I could trust Whedon though so I kept tuning in and after I watched the first four episodes it started getting real good. You find out that they are storing people’s memories on hard drives and swapping those memories with ones where the people called Dolls can perform specific tasks some of the tasks involving a great deal of action which is what I was expecting. The more the show goes on the more you find out that there’s Dollhouse operations all over the world and The Dollhouse has it’s hooks in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Then it spirals out into some viral stuff about how anyone could be a Doll from the Dollhouse. I could be one you could be one, heck everyone could be one and there could be just one free puppet master! Who knows! That’s what’s great about Dollhouse, it’s one of those how far down the rabbit hole do you have to go type of things. It ended great with a rogue doll on the loose and the FBI agent trying to take down the Dollhouse actually joining The Dollhouse. I was afraid they weren’t going to renew it for next year especially since I found out Fox canned Terminator which I’m still pretty bitter about, but it looks like it’s coming back unlike Firefly which I’m also bitter about. So we’ll see where it goes from here. I’m sure it’s going to be good since Joss Whedon is driving the train.


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