June 15, 2009

I wwas originally going to do a post combining how bad I thought Fringe was with how good I thought Dollhouse was, but i decided to split them up since I have big opinions on both I guess. So the thing about Fringe is I stopped watching it the day The girl FBI agent was interrogating that dude whose life she saved by pulling the worm off of his heart. She gets him to give up the info by telling him she killed his wife. What!?!? That’s totally illogical. I mean if someone told you they just shot your wife in the face would you spill the beans. I wouldn’t I would have tried to tear them apart. They should have done it like in Sons Of Anarchy when they had a similar scene and the dude from Sons smashed the interrogator’s face into the table like fifty times until he got what he wanted. Then I realized that’s my problem with Fringe. If you’re going to have a team show you need to copy a classic that’s all there is to it and the classic that needs to be copied is the A-Team. You have the FBI agent’s which is clearly like Hannibal Smith. She tells people what to do and they do it. She has a plan. Then you have the crazy doctor who’s just like Murdock. Then you have his son who’s like The Faceman. He can smooth talk people and get things done. It’s already established that he can do this too. Then you have the lab assistant who’s totally useless. This is the key to the whole thing. They need to replace this character with a B.A. Baracus. They need muscle on the team that can smash people’s faces and get things done that The Faceman or the other characters can’t. You can’t have the FBI girl be both Hannibal and B.A. it just seems weird. She’s not a face Smasher she’s a planner. There’s some awesome stuff about Fringe like the dude that teleported from Germany to the U.S. and the bald dude that can read minds and is really weird and the doctor is awesome. But I still think they need the muscle otherwise the team seems incomplete to me.


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