June 13, 2009

TNA has some excellent new acquisitions since their last Pay Per View which makes the show even more exciting to watch these days. There’s Amazing Red who I’m not too familiar with. Then there’s Christopher Daniels who never really went away since he was Curry Man and sometimes Suicide. Then there’s The Franchise Shane Douglas. I never saw him in TNA when he was there before, but I remember him as the TV Champ in ECW. Those were good times. Finally, the best acquisition they got in my opinion is Raven. I’m a big fan of Raven in every promotion he’s been in. I especially remember his Heavy Weight championship run in ECW and him teaming up with The Insane Clown Posse and Vampiro in WCW as The Dead Pool. That was fantastic. I also always thought it was cool how he wore Sandman comic book shirts. I think he’s a big comic book fan and even wrote a forward in one of the Sandman collections. Anyway, TNA is going to better than ever this year. I just know it!


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