Atomsplit’s Progress

May 30, 2009

The progress for Atomsplit is coming along really well. Doug is cooking up an awesome site for the webcomic that will replace this one. The rough  animations are almost all done and once they’re complete they need to be polished and tweaked and music needs to be put in and once that’s done they’ll be ready for your purchasing pleasure, but remember the webcomic will always be free and I’ve got several webcomics done and ready to go for when the new site hits the interwebs. So once those to things are out and about Atomsplit will get right back in the lab because we still have several things to do for the amusement of you Atomsplitters like the game, T-Shirts, and physical books that you can read at your leisure anytime you like. So stay tuned here Atomsplitters for the beginning of it all with the exciting new site coming right around the corner.


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