May 21, 2009

I forgot where I heard about Monokle from. It was either Phlow or Free Albums Galore or some place like that. Anyway, regardless of where I heard about them from I’m glad I did. Monokle is an awesome chill out band. If you’re doing some activity where you need to concentrate, or if you just want to zen out, or if your just cursing around the webs reading blogs, or whatever Monokle plays some seriously great chill out music that you can listen to while your going about those activities. I’m listening to their song Fir right now while I’m typing this. Their album called Tesaurus can be found here. The whole thing is sweet, but some songs I really like are Fir, Bear & Mug, and Seven. So, like I said, if your in the need for some good chill out music go get Monokle. You probably won’t regret it.


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