May 18, 2009

These Haloween lego figures destroyed my awesome meter when I first saw them. Every single one is highly detailed and has a sweet background that adds to each figure. I like them all, but my favorite ones are Atash Nan, Dr. Brellan, The Bone Golem, Makatazuki, which is has a Hellraiser meets Japan sort of style, Wastelander, Fallout Savage, which is super awesome, Old Man Dunan, Nillithim, which is very H.P. Lovecraft, Rataveritak, Tin Head, Kekghaa, and The Shattered Maiden which is also pretty Hellraiserish. Like I said those are my favorites, but I like them all and you should definitely check out each one, because they’re all uniquely awesome in their own way.



  1. Glad you like them. 🙂 The majority of them were produced, appropriately enough, last October– but I’ve gotten back into the “creepy” mood and hope to be making more to accompany the recent half-dozen additions.

    Thanks for the post!


    • The Steampunk ones are sweet too, but I’m a big fan of horror stuff so those just totally rule. I got your Flickr rssed cause I don’t want to miss out when they come up!

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