May 8, 2009

The commercial for Disney’s Earth uses an awesome song by Sigur Ros on it called Hoppipolla. I’ve seen ton of fan movies on You Tube with Hoppipolla and here’s one that’s pretty cool. There’s even the original video which is awesome because it’s about a bunch of elderly people who go outside and do fun stuff and play games as if they were children again. It might choke you up if you haven’t seen it before.  Anyway, after having seen this earth commercial I decided to hit the interwebs to see what was up with some bands I haven’t been keeping up with in a while like Sigur Ros. As it turns out they have a new one that I need to check into, but after finng that diit was no dice from a lot of bands until I hit Creeper Lagoon’s page. Creeper Lagoon is an old time favorite as me and my friend used to play I Become Small And Go almost endless one year during school. Creeper Lagoon has three different albums on their site for sale for th eastounding prices of $1.19, $.45, and $1.28. What a deal!!! I got them all. The Sigur Ros and Creeper Lagoon were the only two things I found in my searching that day that were out at that time, but I found out that this June will see new releases from three bands I like which are The Eels, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr. It’s a good thing I went looking when I did otherwise I might not have known about them until a year from now like with the latest Sigur Ros.


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