Second Evolution

April 15, 2009

I never was able to play Star Ocean 2 because i missed it the first time on PS1 and by the time i wanted to play it you could only get it on Ebay for ridiculous amounts of money, but Square Enix changed all that on January 20th when they re-relaeased Star Ocean 2 for the PSP. I played this right after Star Ocean so I was already used to the set up with the Skill Points and all and I knew who need what skills and all so I was off to the races in this game. I put in about fifteen more hours into it than I did in Star Ocean 1, there were some tough spots in the beginning that I had to grind for levels on, but I spent a lot more time grinding for money in this one than the last one. That’s because the Coliseum is near the end of the game not near the middle like Star Ocean 1, also the Coliseum wasn’t set up as good as the one in Star Ocean 1 in my opinion either so I spent more time there than I did in Star Ocean 1. As far as everything else goes it was a great game. You can pick one of two character so I picked Claude, started out, gained some party members, had some magical fantasy adventures, went into space had some more adventures and beat all the bosses without much effort due to careful skill point allocation and grinding because like I said I’m still pretty steamed about how I jammed myself up on Star Ocean three. There were several twists and turns in the story that made me go whoa that’s weird. Like normally in a game like this the hapless hero joins up with the girl first thing and they fall in love as the game continues on. This didn’t happen right off because the girl had another perosonal interest besides the hapless hero and that added some tension. Another thing that was weird is that all the bosses in the game were named after Angels. This might not be a problem for a lot of people if they don’t know Angel names or vdon’t care, but it was just kind of weird to me. One thing I hated was that there was some fixed fight you had to lose in order to move the game along. This could be a pain because some you can lose right away, but some you have to lose after a certain amount of time. There’s some signs to look when this happens, but it’s a big headache if there’s a tone of cut scenes and you lose wrong and you have to go through all of them again. Also, there were some returning characters from the first game which was pretty cool. If you played Star Ocean 1 then you would put two and two together on some back story not really spelled out for you. In the end I’m glad I got to play Star Ocean 2 after wanting to for so long. All in all it was pretty awesome RPG all around. Now I’m moving on or have moved on because I got my hands on Star Ocean 4 earlier than expected so I’m already about 5 hours into it and it’s turning out super sweet so far.


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