April 6, 2009

I didn’t predict Wrestlemania 25 this year, but I watched it instead. I wasn’t sure I was going to get Wrestlemania until the minute it started due to weather concerns and and rain fade on my dish, but the weather cleared out so and me and my friend hooked it up. I’m not going to go into every match just the ones that were really great. First it’s notable that the new unified tag titles went to Primo & Carlito and not The Miz & Morrison. Carlito’s been looking for a push for a long time and now he’s got one. Next, Jericho VS. the old schoolers. This was rather awesome since Jericho had to fight Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, & Jimmy Superfly Snuka, lead to the ring by The Nature Boy Ric Flair as some sort of manager. Jericho put the three of them away pretty quick which made me mad since i wanted The Hot Rod to beat Jericho up. Then Jericho called out Flair and beat him up. Then Jericho called out Micky Rourke from out of the stands. Rourke came up and out boxed Jericho and knocked him out. That was awesome, but I still wanted Piper to get better play than he did. Then it was brother VS. brother, Matt VS. Jeff Hardy. This was a brutal fight. The two most notable things were Jeff Hardy smashing Matt in some sort of table sandwich with mat lying on one table, a chair on top, the a table on the other table. It was almost ECW! Then Jeff took a hard leg drop off of a 30 foot ladder, but misses Matt. This allows Matt to put Jeff’s head inside a folding chair and put a Twist Of Fate on him a securing the victory. Man it was totally vicious! Next was JBL VS. Rey Mysterio. Every Mania Mysterio comes out as a comic book character to add some awesome icing on the awesome cake. This year he was The Joker. In the past he’s been Spiderman, Daredevil, and The Silver Surfer. This was a 21 second match resulting in Mysterio gaining the Intercontinental Title and JBL quitting and going back to the announce table. The next match was truly epic in every sense of the word! The Undertaker VS. Shawn Michaels with Taker defending his Wrestlemania winning streaking which he did with a 16th win. But be fore he did that he and Shawn Michaels engaged in the most awesome, grueling, 42 minute match I’ve seen in a long time. It started off with Michaels descending from the heavens in a billowing clouds dressed in white. Then the Undertakerascended from the black pits of Hell dressed all in black of course. The entrances were totally insane! The Undertaker threw every move he had in his arsenal against Shawn Michaels multiple times and The Heartbreak Kid did the same!!! No super kick, elbow drop, Last Ride, Tomstone Pile Driver, Hell’s Gate, figure four leg lock, or chocke slam could put either competitor away. At one point Take had taken out Michaels, the ref, and a camera man. Finally after one final Tomstone Piledriver Taker secures his win. This match alone was worth my half of Wrestlemania. Then came the 2009 Hall Of Fame inductees which included Stone Cold! Once all the niceties were done Stone Cold went backstage drove a four wheeler out and around the ring, drank a bunch of beer, raised hell, and reminded everyone why he is wrestling and what made the Stone Cold era totally awesome. Then came the time for the last two title matches. The first was a triple threat with John Cena, Edge, and The Big Show. Two notable things happened in this match. One was the Cena’s entrance which started out with an army of John Cena look-a-likes who stood on both sides of the ramp then Cena came out between them. The next notable thing was that Cena lifted both The Big Show and Edge up for an Attitude Adjustment which was calculated to be around 750 pounds! Cena won the match and walked out with the belt through the crowd because he’s the People’s Champ! Lastly, there was the match with Randy Orton and Triple H. To me this seemed like a match that would happen on any given Raw, but the stakes were not only the title, but also the the honor of the McMahon family. Triple H secured both and that ended Mania. All in all it was pretty good with Taker and Michaels being my favorite match by far. Next year Mania will be in Arizona, but I probably won’t get another Mania until 30. Unless something really awesome happens is set up before then.


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