First Departure

March 27, 2009

I just finished playing Star Ocean: First Departure on the PSP a couple of days ago. It was pretty fun, but the real draw is the skill points. You add skill points to your characters to maximize their stats, the way they level up, the way they use healing items, the way they fight etc. It was really fun going in and customizing different characters to do different things, like for instance I wouldn’t have my fighters learn to cast spells real fast like I would my healer and so on. Skill Points aren’t new they were in Star Ocean 3, but they seem to work better in Star Ocean 1. Star Ocean 1 starts off a lot like Star Ocean3, except backwards. In both your a blue haired guy, but in Star Ocean 3 you start off in space then land on a medieval world and then go back to space. I Star Ocean 1 you start off on a medieval world then go to space then go back to the medieval world. I learned something from Star Ocean 3 which was to have many saves and max out your characters for the final boss because I never beat the final boss in Star Ocean 3. I was stuck on a save with not a lot of healing items etc. etc. so I never beat the final boss, but I watched a video of it. Anyway,the point is I wasn’t going to get into the same sticky situation like that so I made an effort to grind up all my main characters in the arena, cook a ton of food, and have a ton of healing items. One of two things happened either my strategy worked or the last boss was a lot easier in Star Ocean 1 than in Star Ocean 3 either way I beat him easily and I’m moving on to Star Ocean 2 on the PSP before I tackle Star Ocean 4 later on this year.


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