March 25, 2009

One thing I forgot to mention while reading the interviews with Art Spiegelman is the fact that for years he worked for Topps trading cards company and co created the mighty, epic, totally awesome Garbage Pail Kids. This gives Spiegelman a whole new dimension of awesomeness because not only did he create the super serious Maus which he won a Pulitzer for he also created one of my most favorite things in the world Garbage Pail Kids cards which also had a cartoon and a movie. I remember going to a gas station once and spending a ton of money on a whole box of cards. After chewing all the gum and checking off the checklist I was three or four cards short for the 4th series. I used wonder if I missed the cards or if they never made the cards so you’d keep buying packs! Who knows. All I know is Garbage Pail Kids still rule after all these years and it’s all thanks to Art Spiegelman.


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