Scenes #1

March 19, 2009

We’ve been going back through the scenes of the animation for Atomsplit lately as we work on it and I’ve been thinking about some of the scenes from the past and thought it would be cool to point out some stuff about them. This scene is a background for some animation that will happen on top of it. It’s modeled after a famous cross walk, No, not Abbey road, it’s the Shinjuku crosswalk in Japan. Later on Atomsplit returns to Shinjuku in the video game. I think the first time I saw Shinjuku was in Lost In Translation. I may have seen it in an anime here or there, but I was like that’s the most lit up place I’ve ever seen so when I was working on the game I was like I should do Shinjuku at night, but before that when I was working on the animation and the story was set in Japan I thought I should put in that crosswalk some how and so I did. So that’s a little of the thought that went into this scene here:



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