Destination X 2009 Prediction Results

March 16, 2009

Away we go!!!

World Heavyweight Championship With Jeff Jarrett As Special Referee & Mick Foley As Special Enforcer Sting (C) VS. Kurt Angle: Wrong. The feud continues!!!

Off The Wagon Challenge For The World Tag Team Championship Beer Money (C) VS. Team 3D: Team 3D winners by DQ Beer Money still champs. Himm…I said 3 D would pick the belts up for sure so I guess I’m half correct.

Ultimate X Match For The X Division Championship Alex Shelley (C) Vs. Chris Sabin Vs. Consequences Creed Vs. Jay Lethal Vs. Suicide: Correct.

Legend’s Championship Booker T (C) Vs. AJ Styles: Correct.

Women’s Championship Awesome Kong (C) Vs. Sojourner Bolt: Wrong.

Match Of 10,000 Tacks Abyss Vs. Matt Morgan: Wrong, and no Stevie Richards. Double Wrong!

Samoa Joe Vs. Scott Steiner:

The Beautiful People Vs. Roxxi, Sarah Palin & Taylor Wilde:

Four wrongs and 3 and half corrects. Not very good akshully! Better luck next time!


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