Destination X 2009 Predictions

March 13, 2009

Another Pay Per View, another round of predictions. Here we go.
World Heavyweight Championship With Jeff Jarrett As Special Referee & Mick Foley As Special Enforcer Sting (C) VS. Kurt Angle: If Sting wins he’s going to split with The Mafia. If Kurt wins Sting will still be in the Mafia. It seems like Jarrett and Foley will help Sting out, but Sting could double cross them and his feud with Angle could be a trick this whole time. I just don’t know. So I’ll go with Angle on this one.

Off The Wagon Challenge For The World Tag Team Championship Beer Money (C) VS. Team 3D: This is a no brainer since it was really apparent the Team 3D was renewing contracts with TNA which is awesome so I think Team 3D will pick up the tag belts this time for sure.

Ultimate X Match For The X Division Championship Alex Shelley (C) Vs. Chris Sabin Vs. Consequences Creed Vs. Jay Lethal Vs. Suicide: As much as I’d like Alex Shelley to retain I have a feeling they’re going to start pushing Suicide so I’m going with Suicide. Hopefully I’ wrong.

Legend’s Championship Booker T (C) Vs. AJ Styles: Styles.

Women’s Championship Awesome Kong (C) Vs. Sojourner Bolt: Bolt.

Match Of 10,000 Tacks Abyss Vs. Matt Morgan: This is Abyss’s match and it will be vindication against Morgan, plus I think they may be introducing Stevie Richards in on this match and since he’s Abyss’s “therapist” I’m pretty sure Abyss will win.

Samoa Joe Vs. Scott Steiner:

The Beautiful People Vs. Roxxi, Sarah Palin & Taylor Wilde:
Roxxi, Palin, and Wilde.

So, there we go. We’ll see how it plays out on Monday.


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