More Add-Ons

March 11, 2009

In addition to the pickups we did for episode 7 of the Atomsplit animation we did several more for episode eight including this one:


Now before you say hey, hold on, somethings weird, the guys at Atomsplit have lost their marbles, they forgot where mouths go on people! Well, sometimes I do forget where mouths go on people, but not this time. In this case I set a closed mouth and an open mouth off to the side. In fact in the original file the mouths are on seperate layers so that they can be animated from closed to open to somhwhere in between. On some of the other picke ups there’s even more layers where the eyes can move back and forth and roll up or down as any one would do as they talk on the phone. So be assured Atomsplitter once the actual episode is available for purchase the mouths will be in the normal place and moving with right along with the voices.


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