Loose Ends

March 10, 2009

I wrapped up all the Loose ends in Fable 2 last night. There are several quests to do after you finish the main story in cluding finishing The Archeologist, Fairfax Castle, and of course Knothole Island. Knothole Island has the best augmentable weapons. I made a seriously sick hammer with Ghoul, Destruction, Lucky, and It’s Not Really Luck augments. It became the best weapon I had and I used it for Knothole Island and that’s it. I’ve decded that I’m not only going to play Fable 2 again as a female character I’m also going to play Fable 1 before that just so I can remember all the spots Fable 2 talks about better. I’m going to do that after the next DLC for Fable 2 comes out so I’ll get an all new area for it. My last act in Fable 2 was to move my family into our new marital home, Fairfax Castle of course. They loved it, and why wouldn’t they it’s a castle! Besides it’s the only house I know of in the game have where my dog can come inside too.


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