The End

March 7, 2009

The end of Fable 2 comes incredibly fast. Before I knew it I was on the last quest. Here’s a pro tip in case your interested, do all that you possibly can before The Hero Of Skill quest because once you take that one on there’s no going back. There’s been a lot of complaints about the ending of Fable 2. You can read about that if you want, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played it yet. All I will say is that the ending has no effect the awesomeness of exploring the world through and through with your dog and doing all the fun stuff you can do in that game. Also, after you finish it there’s still some quests to do as well as the Knothole Island download content. So I’m still going to go on adventures with my dog and give presents to my family and get that last gargoyle and I just as excited to do those things as I was before I completed the main story. I know for sure I’m playing this game again I just don’t know when. It’ll definitely be at least six months from now and hopefully by then Lionhead will release at least one more area like Knothole Island for me to explore which will give me even more incentive to get back into Fable and this time as a girl and see what, if any, differences there are.


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