Where Do You Put Graphic Novels

February 23, 2009

I’m up into the the 1990’s interviews in the book of interviews with Art Spiegelman I’m reading. A funny thing that has come up regarding his graphic novel Maus is where do you put it in the bookstore. In 1989 they were putting it in the crossword puzzle section. With joke books and other books with illustrations. He spends a lot of time wondering what section you would put Maus in. Now, in 2009 the issue is resolved. You put it in the Graphic Novel section with Dark Knight and Naruto. It took twenty years, but Maus will find it’s place there. Now I’m reading an interview from 1992 and Art Spiegelman says print might be dead and with computers these days what will happen to comics. Well it’s 2009 and print isn’t dead…yet…and the internet is what will happen to comics. The closer I get to now the more interesting it will be to find out how he comments on these developments.


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