So Far So Awesome!

February 12, 2009

So far Fable 2 totally rules. Even when your just running around looking at the wind blow through the trees and plants it’s awesome. When I first started heroing around this bandit hurt my dog and I got so mad I beat him down until he was on the ground and even after I killed him I beat on him until he disappeared. Then I gave my dog dog treats until he got better. Then after heroing some more I got married to Stanka the Gypsy who is kind and spiritual and we had a kid. Right now my kid is named Jack, but I’m going to name him something else. I’m still thinking about it. I got married and had a kid in five minutes on night and only had 200 gold. All of a sudden I was panicking because I had a wife and kid and they lived in a Gypsy trailer and I only had 200 gold! I didn’t want my family to live in a gypsy trailer and I wanted to afford my household upkeep so I spent some time blacksmithing. I earned around 30,000 gold and I bought some vendors in the city. Then I bought a house for my family in the city and rented out our old trailer. My vendors and trailer rent pays for my house keeping and family and allows me to go adventuring without worrying about their well being. I got my kid a teddy bear but I haven’t figured out how to give it to him yet. If I get a bunch of gold somewhere I’m going to get some good furniture and decorations for our house. I might even get a bigger house. I wonder if your furniture and stuff like that carries over from house to house. As far as the rest of Fable 2 it’s fantastic. The scenery is insanely cool and there are so many things you can do. There’s a lot of carry over from the first Fable and if you played that one all the way through then you’re going to be wowed at how the story is shaping up. Actually, it all kind of depends on your decision in the last fight of the last game. If you made a diffrent decision than I did there’s some explaining that needs to be done. That might happen down the road. The only complaint I have with Fable 2 is I want armor and there isn’t any armor around yet. I don’t really like the 17th century costuming, but it’s all I got. I tried not to buy clothes until armor came up, but I couldn’t stand looking at myself anymore so now I look like a pirate. The thing I think is cool though is that you can see the progression in time from the first game to the second game. I wonder if they’ll keep progressing in time until it gets to like the future with space ships and stuff. I don’t know you’d have to make one game of Fable in present time and I guess and that’d be kind of weird. Who knows what they’ll do in the future other than bring some more of the awesome.


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