Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Ring Of Fates

February 7, 2009

Wow what a title! From now on I’ll just call it CC 2. CC 2 was a pretty OK game. At first it was pretty awesome and I thought it was going to be kind of a Zelda clone, but as the game went on and I got more people in my part it became really hectic too keep up with. Everyone in the party has different abilities and you need to use everyone’s abilities to get through dungeons. Keeping everyone together, healing everyone on the fly, and odd angles for the tough screen made it more frustrating than it had to be for me. But on the other had a 20 hour game is pretty awesome for the DS. The art is pretty cool and for the most part it takes you back to the original CC. There’s some pretty sweet cut scenes. and the combat is fun when you’re not keeping up with the health of your party. In the end I would say if your into CC and a game that plays similarly to the original CC then you should already have this game. If you’re new to action RPG’s and aren’t really familiar with the CC universe I would skip this and go play a Tales game for another system. You could play a Tales game for the DS if you knew Japanese since they don’t release Tales games for DS in America for some reason, but that’s a complaint for another day I guess. For today I’ll say CC 2 is OK and that’s about it. For tomorrow I’ve already started Fable 2. It’s the reason I bought a 360. I just started it and it’s already owning the universe!


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