Infinite Mediocrity?

January 27, 2009

I got Infinite Undiscovery from Amazon on a Black Friday deal for 20 bucks. That’s pretty good since I’ve payed a whole lot more for a whole lot less like Heavenly Sword. It got a 68 on Game Rankings and there’s a lot of people hating on it, but I knew I was going to play it ever since I saw the first movie so it didn’t matter to me and the fact that it was 20 bucks didn’t hurt either. Infinite Undiscovery is made by Tri Ace so when I first started playing it I was expecting Radiata Stories, but it’s more like Star Ocean than any of their other games which leads me to believe that they did what they did as a test to see what to leave in and take out since Infinite Undiscovery came out almost six months before Star Ocean’s release date which is next month. I believe they were working on both those games at the same time and released Infinite first to see how it would play out. It didn’t play out so hot so maybe if they had the same bad things in Star Ocean then they took them out. What are the bad things?  It’s all a bunch of unneeded annoyances that’s all. First they have a feature where you connect with a member in your party. You connect with someone and use their abilities to progress in the game. You do this twice and it gets relegated to side questing. Then there’s timed events. Once in a while you’ll have to do a certain thing within a certain time and if you don’t make it it’s game over and you have to go back to your last save which could be a ways away.  You do this two or three times and it gets relegated to side questing. Then there’s this awesome part where your party members turn on you due to the story and they kill you and again if you don’t save it’s game over and you’re a little more than annoyed more like mad as heck! There’s some easy things you can do to keep this from happening by selecting certain people to be in your party and then you don’t have to worry about it so much. So that too goes away. Then after all that junk goes away what are you left with. You’re left with a pretty solid action RPG! Which is what it should have started off being in the first place. The combat is fun. You don’t have to go to the menu because you have a heal button it heals everything wrong with you pretty much. When you put up your weapons and go to the menu everyone stis down on the ground in a circle. That’s pretty cool. That’s what you’d do in real life kind of assess the situation. It has a fantastic story and it has insanely huge maps. I spent alot of time filling out all the maps looking for loot and therefore took care of grinding levels too. They left it wide open for a sequel . Maybe they’ll make one, drop the junk, and make a pretty epic RPG. It’s too bad they thought it would be cool if they added all that stuff on the first disc to spice things up because all it did was ruin the first half of the game. Hopefully I’m right about this being a test for Star Ocean 4 and they’ll get rid of that junk if it’s in there. I’m going to find out soon enough either way though.


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