TNA Genesis Predictions

January 10, 2009

Almost a day and a half until Genesis so here we go!

Sting VS. Rhino for the TNA World TItle: Sting will retain the title. Sorry Rhino.

Kurt Angle VS. Jeff Jarrett:
This is tough. It could go either way. If Jarret wins the Angle has not traction to make demands as the leader of the Mafia. If Angle wins it puts Jarret into the corner. The most interesting thing would be for Angle to win so I’m going with that.

6 Man War: Mick Foley, Brother Devon, & AJ Styles VS. Kevin Nash, Booker T., & Scott Steiner: Mick Foley is not going to be in this match, Cactus Jack is. I’m sure of it. Cactus Jack is the most brutal of Foley’s aliases. I’m going with Foley and the front line.

Alex Shelley VS. Chris Sabin for the TNA X-Division Title: Alex Shelley. It really doesn’t matter since The Motor City Machine Guns are totally awesome either way.

Lethal Consequences VS. Beer Money Inc. VS. Matt Morgan & Abyss in a tag team triple threat match for the TNA Tag Titles: This is interesting too. On the one hand Lethal Consequences just won the titles on Thursday and came up with their name. On the other hand they didn’t spend a lot of time doing Rough Cuts with Beer Money just to have them lose the title. On the third hand Matt Morgan & Abyss look like their falling apart and this with win might keep them together. There’s lots of variables. I’m going to go with Beer Money although if Lethal Consequences retains I wouldn’t mind.

Awesome Kong VS. Christy Hemme in a Lumberjill Match for the TNA Knockouts Title:
I’mgoing with  Christy Hemme on this one because every Lumberjill hates Kong and she’s going to get brutally beaten down if she gets knocked out of the ring.

Shane Sewell VS. Sheik Abdul Bashir:
This feud has been building to a point where Shane Sewell is going to tear Bashir apart so I’m going to go with Sewell for sure.

So there we go. Let’s see how I do on Monday.


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