January 8, 2009

I knew this going in, but I still couldn’t believe how incredibly short God Of War on the PSP is. It may in fact be the shortest game I have ever played. My play time was like 4:58 so almost five hours. I’ve see some times that are like 4:17 or 4:30. I even saw a speed run for like 1:40 or something. Most God Of War games are like 15 or so hours so that’s a lot of time shaved off, but other than that the game itself ruled. It had all the stuff that makes God OF War totally awesome such as the huge scope of the scenery, the sheer brutality, and the tricky puzzles. Except this time I found the puzzles not so tricky and the boss battles a lot easier. The story was sweet and it fit along with what’s going on with the other two God Of War games. The ending is killer!!! Since the game is so short I’m sure I’ll go back and play it some time when I’m not all into the story and I can pick it up and put it down whenever because there’s a lot of unlockable goodies to get like extra costumes, modes, deleted scenes. I’m kind of obligated to play it again since it’s almost 40 bucks still. If you haven’t played it yet I’d hold off until it’s at least 20 or 15 bucks that’s more reasonable for a five hour game I think.


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