Tales Of Melancholy

January 5, 2009

The best thing about playing a Tales Of game is playing a Tales Of game. The worst thing about playing a Tales of game is knowing your coming to the end of it and that’s when I start feeling sad because the adventure is almost over. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling that leaves me with one question, which is how long will I have to wait for the next Tales Of to come out. This is exactly the feeling I was left with after finishing Tales Of Vesperia on the 360. I think Tales Of Vesperia is now the best Tales Of game ever made Don’t feel bad Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of The Abyss you’re still in the top three for me. It’s just that Tales OF Vesperia has the widest variety of enemies, the most diverse areas, and an incredible twisty turny story that sucks you right in. Also, if you do all the side quests you could easily play the game for 100 hours and in fact there’s an acievement for doing just that called Too Much Free Time. I don’t really like doing side quests though because it takes you out of the main story. I did three side quest though and came out with a 60 hour game and that’s alright by me. I wish I could say more about how totally awesome Tales OF Vesperia is, but I want to follow the six month rule and give people time to actually play it before I start spoiling it. So, if you’re into epic adventure, fantasy type stuff, swords, spells, intriguing stories, fun and or general awesomeness you should go get Tales Of Vesperia. If it’s your first time with a Tales Of game and you get that bittersweet feeling of your adventure coming to an end you can work your way back through history and play the other Tales Of games that are on all the various consoles here in the U.S. That’s what I did after I played Tales Of Smyphonia a long time ago on the Gamecube. I hunted all the Tales OF games down and played them all, but Symphonia had always remained my favorite one up until Vesperia. Speaking of Symphonia the answer to my qustion has already been revealed. The next Tales Of game is already out and it’s a sequel to Tales OF Symphonia on the Wii. So I’ve already decided I’m going to dust off the old Gamecube Symphonia and play it first and then play the new Symphonia right after that and who knows the combined might of Symphonia 1 & 2 might put it back in the number one spot of my favorite Tales OF games. Either way though, each game in the series is excellent in one way or another.


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