January 1, 2009

After talking about the movie 9 the other day I found another animated movie called $9.99. Does it trump 9 because it has more 9’s? No! They’re two totally different movies. $9.99 is about a dude who buys a book for…you guessed it…$9.99 about the meaning of life and then there’s a story that revolves around that. There’s an angel in it. I can’t really tell much beyond that, except that it’s like an indie movie you’d see on IFC except it’s animated!!! That’s pretty unique in itself, but the most unique thing about it is it’s clay!!! Clay, it seems, is not dead everywhere because seems like this movie is Australian and they still see the value in clay. So let’s put this all together into an equation. An Australian, claymation, feature length film that’s like an indie movie and not at all Disney/Pixaresque. Hmmm…that equals…WOW!! I want to see this as soon as possible.


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