Hooray For Hurricane

December 28, 2008

Smackdown was pretty decent this week. It was inevitable that Triple H and Koslov would find themselves on a collision course to an epic match. Koslov is undefeated and Triple H is The Game and I predict The Game will put Koslov’s streak to an end in the future. Probably at the next Pay Per View. I think they’re scheduled to fight, but I forgot the card. I was really excited to see Hurricane Helms challenged Shelton Benjamin for the U.S. title. It was great when Hurricane came out and the audience cheered, but then I realized that the show was in Toronto and Shelton Benjamin made some snide remarks about Canadians and that brought up the cheer for Hurricane. I don’t understand why people don’t cheer for him more in general. He’s got at least two finishers he’s pseudo-cruiser and can fly high or keep it low with submissions. He’s a really well rounded wrestler! If more people cheered for him he’d get a bigger push and maybe he would have won the title. I guess he needs more time to get back in the game though. Hardy beat The Big Show and even though it was a nontitle match Hardy still won. Nice! Now, as soon as Mr. Kennedy gets off the mic and back in the ring Smackdown will be a pretty good show again.



  1. I think with a little more time and some mic work, Helms will be US champ. They pushed him nicely with the ‘I’m just sayin,’ and that seemed like a good bit that he should stick with. The match with him and Benjamen was really well done and I’m glad that the brass gave them some time to work a proper match.

    I think the Rumble is next so I don’t know if any feuds are being put on hold or not, but HHH and Kozlov are obviously going to hook up.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment and thanks for making the awesome http://www.rivalangels.com/ comic. Man, if your a wrestling fan you should really be reading this comic because it gives you a lot of insight into the backstage goings on in wrestling. Anyway, you’re probably right about Hurricane. If he sticks with I’m Just Sayin’ he’ll catch on and get more fan support. That was an awesome match with Benjamin! Yeah Triple H and Koslov will probably butt heads at the Rumble. Now that Batista is out of the game they have to switch things up and rewrite a whole bunch of stuff too. Some people that might not usually get a lot of play might now.

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