Some Christmas Movies From Atomsplit

December 24, 2008

So lots of people I know are throwing up their favorite Christmas movies so I thought I’d share my list of Christmas favorites I’d play so here we go in no particular order.

1. Gremlins – I’m not even going to tell you what this movie is about. This is a legend! If you, for some weird reason, haven’t seen it make it your Holiday top priority!

2. Silent Night Deadly Night – A classic! Where do you go wrong with Serial Killers On Christmas? Nowhere! That’s where.

3. A Nightmare Before Christmas – Take 1 part Halloween and 1 part Christmas then mix until awesome!

4. City Of Lost Children – This isn’t technically a Christmas movie but it has a totally sick Christmas scene in it. This is an equally odd and brilliant movie and it’s forgivable if you haven’t seen it because it’s foreign and indie and didn’t get much attention in the U.S. It’s from Jean-Pierre Jeunet the same French fellow that brought you Delicatessen, Aliens Resurrection, and…Amilie. Is that ringing some bells? Now you know how good it is since it’s better than Amilie so go get it on you Christmas day off!

5. Die Hard – Yippie Kai Yay! John McClain is in L.A. for Christmas when Professor Snape takes over an office building for Voldemort. Since Harry’s at the Burrow with the Weasley’s it’s up to John Mclain to be totally awesome!

6. Black Christmas – What have we learned so far Serial Killers + Christmas = a good time had by all. This movie also benefits from having Michelle Trachtenberg in it. Some of you may remember her from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, which had a Christmas episode. Some others of you may remember her from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which also had a Christmas episode. I remember her from both!

7. Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil – This movie teaches you how awesome Savannah Georgia is!

8. A Christmas Story – If you haven’t seen this I don’t know why. It’s a cult classic with rabid fans like the ECW! If by some miracle you missed it then you can wait until next year and catch the 24 hour loop on TBS.

9. Tokyo Godfathers – This is an anime by the mad genius Satoshi Kon who made Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. It’s about three homeless people who reunite an abandoned baby with it’s mother on Christmas Eve. That’s today!

10. Harry Potter, any of them. – These aren’t technically Christmas movies either, but they all have Christmas scenes and the Christmas scenes in the books last for several chapters. Azkaban is still the best movie. Order is still the best book. Here’s a trailer for Half Blood looking totally sweet as always.

Honorable Mention: It’s a tragedy that Critters 5: Christmas Attack was never put to film otherwise it would have been the most epically, colossally, awesome movie ever made and would have topped every Christmas movie list ever, but alas it was not to be. For now anyway. There’s always hope that in the future this instant classic will be made.

So anyway, if I was going to watch some Christmas flicks these would be them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Atomsplit!


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