The Hardy Party

December 20, 2008

I was excited to see Smackdown this week with Jeff Hardy opening the show as the new World Champion. Jeff said it was a decade in the making
and it’s true. With Jeff holding the Championship on Smackdown and Matt holding the Championship on ECW J.R. said it was going to be a Hardy
Party, but he spoke too soon. Matt lost to Edge and Jeff got worked by Koslov. That’s OK though because the point is The Hardy Boys
are both World Champs in two separate bran hes of the WWE. The question is how long will it last. Hopefully at least three months or more. It’s
also good to see Gregory, Sugar Shane, Hurricane, Helms return recentlyand already getting a shot at the U.S. title. I like Hurricane. He’s a
great cruiserweight. I wish WWE would have a cruiserweight division again to sort of compete with TNA’s X-Division. Another returning
wrestler I like is Mr. Kennedy. I wish he’d shut up about his movie and get back in the ring though. So with Kennedy, Hardy, Helms, Triple H,
Edge, and Koslov Smackdown seems like it’s going to be a lot better than it has been being. I didn’t fast forward nearly as much as I usually
do, but we’ll see what the future holds for Smackdown.


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