December 19, 2008

I’ve been using Netvibes for a long time now. I actually used it way way back, but switched to Yahoo start page, but then switched back after Ginger came out. What is Netvibes you may be asking. Netvibes is a personal start page where you can subscribe to various RSS feeds and handy little widgets that make your life much easier. For instance on my start page I have a unit converter, this blog, a money converter, a tiny url widget, a calendar, and a to do list, among several other widgets. It also adds RSS feeds to whatever sites you like to read that are RSS’d but I leave that up to Google Reader for the most part. Netvibes is not the only company that does this type of widgety start page stuff. Yahoo, Windows Live, Google, Page Flakes, and Web Wag are all in this game. In fact Mashable did a round up on them last year. If you look at that round up Netvibes is the only one that gets Yeses across the board. It should since it’s been in the game the longest. So if you’re tired of the old Google, Yahoo, or Windows Live start pages you get out of the box head over to Netvibes and build yourself an awesome start page full of dead useful tools.


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