New Art

December 17, 2008

I drew this picture for my local Church. This is how it looked from 1930-1950. It took a while, but I’m finally done. I think it came out OK. I should have done it a lot bigger to be able to get some more detail in there. Maybe I’ll do another one in the future on a bigger piece of paper. The original looks a lot better, but the background on the original isn’t a killer aged piece of paper that some awesome person put up on Deviant Art. I used to use Koh-I-Nor Rapdiographs, Speedball Universal pen nibs, brushes, and Higgins Black Magic inks for these types of drawings, but for this I used some Strathmore disposable pens, and I think I’m giving up on the other tools and just using them from now on. I’ll be putting this in my portfolio later on , but you can have a look at it right nowif you want.



One comment

  1. Fairburn Methodist…right? I remember the old church. I think it was better than the new one. It’s a pity they had to tear it down…Fairburn Baptist did the same. So did Bethlehem. They just can’t leave well enough alone.

    Your drawing is great. Gives it an almot Gothic look.

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