Repoed Again

December 11, 2008

This Repo Man sequel could potentially be pretty awesome. I think Alex Cox will have to do two things. The first is somehow bring back Emilio Estevez as Otto in some respect. I don’t think he’ll be the main character since they’re working under the title Repo Chick.  The second is to make a soundtrack as good as the original. I still spin…er…load up those MP3’s from time to time. With legendary punk bands like FEAR, Iggy Pop and Black Flag the original soundtrack totally rules and it gave the movie it’s entire flavor.  The best thing to do is track these guys down get them to reform and record some new songs for the movie. That could be all but impossible. Where are The Juicy Bananas these days? They could use the American Laundromat Records tribute album with covers of all the classic songs, but I haven’t heard it yet. It might be all emoed up for all I know. The film is in good hands with Alex Cox behind the camera and David Lynch producing, but the soudtrack is still the key to the whole thing. It set the whole mood for Repo Man in ’84 and I think it will make or break Repo Man 2.


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