The Beginning

December 6, 2008

I recently finished playing Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. I’m not a big player of Final Fantasies, because I’m an action RPG guy not a turn based RPG guy. So when I heard Crisis Core was going to be an action RPG I was got really excited and it didn’t disappoint me in the least bit. When they say action they mean it. The combat is all action and the item menu is all on the fly. There’s no taking breaks and digging down and finding healing items. You have to be quick during the fight or you’re toast. That’s a departure from a lot of action RPG where you don’t have to wait your turn to slash at enemies but you can still get into the menu and distribute healing items to yourself or your party and use special powers without taking a beating. There’s no party in Crisis Core though so it’s really just maintaining yourself. Once you get the hang of it it’s awesome. Another thing that’s cool about the game is the missions. There’s a bazillion missions you can go on to get special items or grind to level up or whatever and even if you die during the mission you die with whatever you aquired. There’s also the DMW which is a one armed bandit type of thing. During the battle the DMW comes up and something will happen like you level up, use a special attack, heal, or use a summon. It seems random, but it’s really all calculated under the hood. The story is, of course, awesome. It’s a Final Fantasy game after all and it’s all about the events that lead up to the legendary Final Fantasy 7. There’s some familiar faces in there and in the back of your head you know what happens to them and your character so it kind of makes the game bittersweet towards the end. Speaking of the end they made it look like they were remaking Final Fantasy7. That’s not a spoiler, anybody who’s seen those Final Fantasy 7 demos being played when the Playstation 3 first came out knows what I’m talking about. They just added the words To Be Continued in Final Fantasy 7. What does that mean? Does it mean the old one or the remake. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. So, if your a fan of Final Fantasy then you’ve probably already played Crisis Core and if not then what the heck, get on it. If you’re younger and haven’t been introduced to the Final Fantasy 7 world play Crisis Core first, then Final Fantasy 7, then Dirge Of Cerberus, then watch Advent Children to get the entire Final Fantasy 7 story. Or, you could wait because like I said that remake could be coming up on us soon.


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