December 4, 2008

I’ve been on and off looking for a good media player that’s not iTunes for a long time now. I’ve tried a lot, but mainly stuck to Winamp and the Creative Media Player that came with my MP3 players. Also, I’ve tried several times to get Songbird to work. In fact I really wanted Songbird to work. The first time I tried it it didn’t do podcasts. The second time I tried it it did do podcasts, but didn’t do folders. I thought I could live with that but then whenever I skipped to the next podcast it would play like the Chipmunks. So my second try with Songbird was out and I unistalled it. Then I looked at Amarok, but they didn’t have a decent windows version. The I looked at Foobar 2000 which looks like it would take some getting used to so I decided to skip it. Then Songbird 1.0 came out and i was like this is the one. So I got it, installed it and waited for it to update the library and waited and waited and waited. It always got stuck updating the library so I searched to see if anybody else was having the same problem. That’s when I stumbled on to Media Monkey. Media Monkey does exactly what I wanted my media player to do. In particular it lists folders and not just libraries, and easily subscibes to podcasts and has easy ways to set up how you download them and when. In addition to that it rips, burns, and hooks up to my MP3 players. Media Monkley was what I was looking for the whole time! Plus there’s even a skin that makes it look like Songbird because Songbird looks awesome and there’s another that could make it look like a PSP. I’m sure a lot of people don’t have the same problems with the way Songbird and other players are layed out and work, but the only player I could get that works just right for me is Media Monkey. If you’re looking for a new music player that’s not iTunes then give Media Monkey a shot. It might be just right for you too and when we get the new Atomsplit soundtrack is done I’ll be playing it on Media Monkey for sure.


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