December 3, 2008

Nobody seems to be talking up Sons Of Anarchy and that’s a shame. I mean sometimes it’s cool to watch a show or read a comic or get into a scene nobody else is into, but if nobody gets into the scene sometimes goes away. I don’t want SOA to go away. I want to see more shows next year! If you haven’t heard of Sons Of Anarchy then here’s the skinny. It’s about a Motorcycle Club who keeps their small town nice, clean, and safe while at the same time they run guns from the IRA to inner city gangs. This leads to a sort of volatile contradiction because the Motorcycle Club believes they are doing the right thing and keeping their town safe while at the same time actively helping to destroy the towns around them all while trying to stay one step ahead of the law. The contradiction is mirrored by the two leaders of the Motorcycle Club Clay & Jax.  Jax sees that the club is veering off from his father’s original intent under Clay’s leadership. This is setting up some sort of power play that Jax is sure to make next year. In addition to that there’s themes of loyalty, family, and comraderie that are found in a Motorcycle Club as well as personal perceptions of freedom, liberty, right and wrong which gives the show an awesome flavor. I didn’t know anything about Motorcycle Clubs until I started watching the show so I learned quite a few things from the first season. If you like the Sopranos or The Shield or shows like that then you should give it a shot. I don’t normally watch shows like that, but when I saw a commercial for Sons Of Anarchy it had an awesome graphics package so I thought I’d try it and I’m glad I did. You can probably catch it on reruns on FX or iTunes or Hulu or Amazon or whatever internet thing you like to use to stream shows. Since it’s on FX it’s totally rough and not for kiddies so watch it later at night or whatever, but give it a go nonetheless. It will give you a little insight into a subculture that goes on around you everyday that you probably never noticed before. This is an awesome little clip to give you a taste and here’s the official site.


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