Quite A Night

November 28, 2008

The position of the “leader” of the TNA originals who are now called The Frontline has shifted from Micky Foley to Rhino which is as it should be since as chief shareholder Foley shouldn’t be playing favorites. So with Rhino on the case it was fitting for him to try and recruit Team 3D as members of the Frontline. However with Team 3D trying to get into the Main Event Mafia it was a tough sale for Rhino. Team 3D had all night to make a decision on which side they were going to choose and in the end when the came out in suits dressed as Mafia members I thought that my hopes for a face turn by Team 3D and a union of Team 3D and The Frontline was off the table, but to my surprise and excitement it was a double cross and Team 3D joined The Frontline and face turned all at the same time. What a great night! The only thing I didn’t like about it was Alex Shelley having to wear the turkey suit and becoming turkey of the year after losing the turkey bowl. They couldn’t very well make Rhino turkey of the year after becoming the new leader of The Frontline, but they could have given it to Shaikh Abdul Bashir instead. Oh well, I still thing Alex Shelly and The Motorcity Machinguns are totally awesome!


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