Anansi Boys

November 26, 2008

This past weekend I listed to Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. It’s about a guy name Fat Charlie Nancy who lives in London then finds out his father dies Then he finds out his father was the African God Anansi. Then he finds out he has a brother whom he seeks out. Then the brother, named Spider, starts to ruin his life leading to a grand, crazy, and funny adventure that Charlie goes on to discover who his father really was and to fix the life his brother broke. If you don’t know Neil Gaiman then you wouldn’t know that he wrote the best comic book ever called Sandman and he’s a master at taking Old Gods and putting them into weird yet logical modern settings and then wrapping that concept up into some awesome adventures. His stories don’t always involve Gods though like his Kid’s book Coraline, but his best books are the ones with Gods in them. There is another book he wrote called American Gods. I liked American Gods better than Anansi Boys, but I recommend reading them both and if you’re new to Neil Gaiman and what he’s all about then I suggest you read Anansi Boys first since it’s like American Gods light. Cut your teeth on that one then go get American Gods and get your mind blown! There’s also another book by Gaiman I really want to get called The Graveyard Book which is supposed to be The Jungle Book, but set in a graveyard. Wacky!


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