NXE Pretty Sweet!

November 21, 2008

So I installed the NXE and gave it a run through this morning. The install was pretty fast. I heard of freezing and ROD’s, but it was a smooth upgrade for me. The next thing I did was make an avatar. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on that because I don’t really care about it, but I made a somewhat accurate facsimile of me.Then I looked at all the stuff and hooked up the Netflix , but I didn’t watch any movies . Then I installed a game to the hard drive. It took about five minutes to get seven gigs on there. I tried to run the game to seen if it was any faster, but the game I put on there was Tales Of Vesperia and I didn’t want to start a new game and get all into that. I couldn’t tell if the graphics looked better either because Tales games always start off with a cartoon. The one awesome thing about the NXE dashboard is when you go to a game or any item everything related to that item is all together so, for instance, after I put in Tales and pressed Y three or four menus about that game popped up like one was to install the game or play from disc. One was about all the achievements you can get. One was about all the download content for the game. One was about the game in general. So forth and so one. When I checked out Golden Axe: Beast Rider the same thing happened. I really like that because now you don’t have to go to different sections of the Dashboard for things about a game or movie or whatever it’s all lined up there on mini-blades for you. There’s some more things I haven’t done yet like join a social party and stuff, but I’m not all that concerned with that stuf so over all the NXE is a pretty sweet upgrade, but whether you like it or not you have to get with that program anyway if you ever want to use Xbox Live again.


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