November 18, 2008

I just got finished playing Conan and I have to say that it’ was one of the best games I’ve played since Dot Hack G.U.  Everything Ninja Theory failed at with making a God Of War clone with Heavenly Sword THQ Succeeded at with Conan. It’s got all the requisite QTE events for stunning finishes. The boss battles are insane and extremely cinematic. It’s got huge, environments and some light to moderate puzzles that I never needed a walk through on. Everything was really self explanatory. The combat was a really winner here too. The more you played the more Experience points you got that you could cash in on some seriously sick moves. My favorite move being The Wheel Of Death. Once executed two or three times your swords sing the Song Of Death and you become an unstoppable sicling and dicing maniac. It was really sweet getting that combo to work over and over. The voices for the most part were pretty good. Ron Perlman was Conan nad he always say stuff like By The Bones Of Crom and Die In The Street Dog! Classic! The one bad thing about Conan was a few tough boss fights that made the difficulty curve fly out of control in the middle of the game and the fact that it was almost seven hours long. What!?!?! Come on! I even waited until the game was like 35 bucks, but still at around 6 bucks an hour I wanted at least 8 more hours for like a fifteen hour game like Devil May Cry. But, all in all if the length of the fame is it’s one real draw back it’s a pretty darn good game!!! If you haven’t played Conan go play it! Also, in the back of the manual it suggests that if you like Conan then go read the other works of Robert E. Howard. They aren’t joking around. He wrote a ton of Sword and Sorcery adventure jams like Kull, Conan, and Solomon Kane and they’re all pretty awesome.


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