November 17, 2008

Fighting sports saw two giant upsets this weekend. The first being Jeff Hardy’s insane win over The Undertaker. It was crucial for Hardy to win this match over Taker in order to position himself once again as a contender for The Championship. If this wasn’t a factor the The Undertaker wouldn’t have lost because The Dead Man practically owns Smackdown and has been wrestling in the WWE since 1990 way way way back when they used to play WWF on Saturday mornings where I live. The second upset was Lesnar beating Couture for the UFC heavy weight title. Nobody i know including myself likes Lesnar and was rooting for Couture, Lesnar proved us all wrong and we all had to eat crow. That’s OK. Lesnar invested a lot into fighting in the UFC and he needs to make those investments back. The reason nobody liked Lesnar when he wrestled in the WWE and I suspect that the reason nobody likes him much in UFC is that he has no mic skills and no charisma. However, fighting is not a popularity contest it’s a contest of skill and Lesnar proves he has the skills to be earn the title, but not the charisma to hold it well. Luckily, working in the UFC is not as dependent on charm and mic skills as working in the WWE. So, bravo Brock Lesnar you earned the belt! Wear it proudly.


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