Taking A Beating

November 14, 2008

Christian Cage took quite a beating yesterday. It’s unclear to me if that beating was to initiate him into Main Event Mafia or just a beating because he was reluctant to join and they were sending him a message that he should stay out of their way. What is clear is that Team 3D is correct and that they need to join The Main Event Mafia right away. They would be a huge asset to The Mafia’s dominating force. TNA is positioning Mick Foley as the gruff old Sargent who comes in to whip the originals into shape in order to defeat The Mafia. There’s two wild cards in the story though. First there’s the  Motorcity Machineguns, who while awesome, want to do things their own way and they might turn on Foley, but then again they might become a great asset to the TNA originals. Then there’s Christian Cage. Will he join The Mafia or will he be a free agent out for only himself?  So my predictions for this story are Cage will remain a free agent even though he was forced to join The Mafia or become a Mafia member and actively work against them. The Machineguns will become the TNA original all-star tag team by winning the straps from Beer Money then fight and retain against Team 3D who will eventually join the Mafia. Finally the role of Mick Foley as a sort of leader figure to the TNA originals will last three months if not longer which means the main storyline of the TNA originals VS. The Main Event Mafia will last that long too. We’ll just have to see what the future holds.


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