All Metal No Borders

November 13, 2008

I read this article from Reason magazine today that’s just plain cool. It seems there’s a huge metal movement going on in the middle east right now. There’s metal bands coming out of Palestine, Israel, and Iran, and even though the main cultures of these countries have severe differences in the metal subculture they’re digging each others music because they want to rock out and they don’t care where the music is coming from as long as it’s awesome. When metal fans in Iran put up with people cutting their metal hair and shutting down their shows and metal fans in Palestine listen to Israeli metal it just cuts right to the heart of what people are all about. People all around the world are just looking for more of the awesome of whatever they’re into. It doesn’t matter where the awesome comes from or who’s putting it out as long as it’s awesome people will seek it out and untie over it.


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