The Watch

November 7, 2008

The other two movies I wanted to talk about that I watched recently are Night Watch and Day Watch. The watch series are a set of horror/action adventure books written by Sergei Lukyanenko and made into movies by Timur Bekmambetov who most recently directed the film adaptation of the comic book Wanted. The story of Night & Day Watch is about the forces of good and evil making a truce not to go into open battle and in so doing tear the earth apart with their fighting. They divide up into two groups. The first group is the Night Watch. They are the forces of good who keep the creatures of the night such as dark witches, werewolves, vampires, and such as that in check. Then there is the Day Watch they keep the forces of good in check so that they don’t do too much good stuff I guess. Anyway, this leads to a kind of cold war espionage set up as spies and agents from both sides fight secretly to balance good and evil. There’s something¬† for everyone here. For fantasy fans there’s a lot of spells, magic, armor, and swords. For horror fans there’s a few scares, vampires, evil creatures, and gore. For fans of action there’s some seriously sweet action sequences like trucks flipping over and continuing to drive on, cars driving across the side of buildings, and some brawling with swords and fists. If your a fan of all three of those things like I am then you’ll find Night & Day Watch mixes all those elements up into a tasty stew of visual awesomeness. If all that sounds good to you you might go to Netflix right now and que up Night & Day Watch, but you could wait a little bit because in 2009 Twilight Watch or Dusk Watch depending on your country is coming out for a sweet hat trick trilogy that you could watch all at one time!


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