The Descent

November 4, 2008

I watched a ton of horror movies this past weekend all from foreign countries. Most of them were total junk so I’m only going to talk about the good ones. The first awesome one I watched was The Descent by Neil Marshall. The Descent is Marshall’s first film since Dog Soldiers which came out in ’02. What’s Marshall been doing for the past six years? Obviously he’s been taking lessons in awesome! The first cool thing about The Descent is the colors. The colors are super saturated so there’s really deep bloody reds and greens and blues and it looks really good. All of the colors in The Descent make it one of the prettiest horror movies I’ve ever seen.  The second cool thing about The Descent is that the horror works on two levels. On the first level the story involves a group of ladies going caving and caving consists of crawling through cramped spaces, climbing over deep pits, and cave-ins. If stuff like that freaks you out like it does me then you’re already creeped out and unsettled by the first half hour of the movie! The second level of horror is the fact that the ladies are being hunted by mutant bat-like people who live deep in the cave. Once they’re introduced the game is on and the bloodbath begins! So now the ladies not only have to deal with dangerous caving stuff and trying to escape the monster people. That’s super tough! If I was going to rate The Descent I would give it seven stars out of five. That’s two stars more than the scale can even hold! If you’re into scary movies you gotta get this one. It’s that awesome!


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