Time For Change!

October 25, 2008

It’s time for a change and Mick Foley is going to bring it because it was revealed this Thursday that Foley has controlling interest and an new totally awesome theme song in TNA. What does this mean exactly? Who knows. I can’t even imagine what Mick’s going to do in TNA. I doubt he’ll wrestle much. Will he run around and get into trouble? Will he get beat up a lot? Will he walk around the back and color commentate on the goings on? What side will he be taking in the Legends storyline? That’s the main storyline right now, and Foley is a hardcore legend. So, I don’t know what Foley’s going to do, but I know why they’re doing a controlling interest storyline with him. It seems that the TNA house shows are doing a lot better than the TV shows because the wrestler’s agents are more involved in the matches. So the creative team is going to let the agents start working on the TV stories too. This is an all around good thing because the wrestler’s will feel like their ideas and opinions are being taken more into consideration concerning the matches and stories. The new Foley controlling interest angle will be a front for the all backstage plays. Now, I’ve been saying for a long time TNA is totally awesome and owns WWE up and down, but I’ve never seen a house show so if they’re as awesome as they’re made out to be TNA will be even better on TV if that’s possible, and it sounds like it will be.


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