Black Ice

October 24, 2008

So, I finally got AC/DC’s Black Ice from Walmart yesterday. There’s at least five different variant covers with little goodies in each one, but since I only cared about rocking I got the standard red cover. Almost all the songs rock your face off in one way or another and I’m putting 7 of the songs on my MP3 player. The only other two AC/DC’s I’ve pulled that many songs from for my ultimate AC/DC MP3 player playlist was Back In Black and Who Made Who. So is Black Ice the best since Back In Black? Is it it a Back In Black killer. Who knows? It’s three days old and Back In Black is 27 years old, but one fact remains Back In Black, the song, rocks as devastatingly as it did on day one. Will Rock ‘N’ Roll Train? Who knows. Here’s a rocking test though, In 1989 Manuel Noriega was holed up in the Papal Nunciatura in Panama City. The army rolled up in hummers and started playing some serious rock all day and all night for like five days straight. One of the songs was You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. Finally, Noriega couldn’t take it anymore and gave up. Also, the army has been bumping AC/DC in the middle east for a long time to scare the enemy and to rock out. The army dosen’t do psychological warfare with any old band, for the most part. It’s got to be some of the hardest rockers known to man like AC/DC So will any of the tunes on Black Ice end upon the psyops playlist? Only time will tell, but I think they will.


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